Panda, Grande Punto lead Fiat to success

By From motoring.timesofmalta| May 21 2007
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Once again, last month, Fiat's Grande Punto kept its supremacy in the Italian market, selling over 19,595 units, with another Fiat model, the Panda, trailing in second place with 14,495 units sold.

Boosted by such a strong month's sales on home soil, Fiat Group Automobiles was the best performer among the 'big nine' European car making groups last month, turning in an eight per cent year-on-year rise in registrations against an overall market, which was down by 0.96 per cent, according to data released by motor industry trade body ACEA.

These figures continue to underline the fact that both the Panda and the Grande Punto are the best selling cars in their segment throughout Europe and reinforcing the fact that Fiat, now a leader in design, also offers top quality and extremely safe vehicles.

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