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China's BAW aiming to grow into top-class global automaker

  From CE.cnDecember 15, 2010

The Beijing Municipality has clearly decided to develop a stronger automobile industry. Beijing Automobile Works Co., Ltd. (BAW) has decided to be amongst the top automobile producers in China and the Top 500 in the world, and become a large international enterprise group in the period of Twelve Five-year Plan. Xu Heyi, Board Chairman of BAW Automobile Works Co., Ltd. said confidently, "We'll try to realize the great blueprint with practical attitude and great courage to try."

He added that in the past five years, BAW had made great progress essentially in terms of operation, management, strategic operation, etc. by sticking to the development strategy of "go along the Group route and realize leap-forward development", and its scale had grown larger, the independent innovative capacity had grown stronger, which all laid solid foundation for the long-term development of BAW.

With the over-fulfillment of three major indexes, BAW has leaped into the rank of million-level-100-billion-yuan. The overall development goal of the "Eleventh Five-year Plan" is: to realize the complete-car productivity of 1.4 million by 2010, production and sales of 1.2 million in the same year, and sales income of RMB130 billion yuan.

In fact, the Group has realized complete-car sales of 1.243 million with operation revenue of RMB116.6 billion yuan in 2009. It is predicted that the complete-car sales will be 1.4 to 1.5 million with operation revenue of RMB140 million yuan to RMB150 million yuan in 2010. The major operation indexes can be over-fulfilled by a large range.

BAW has basically built a complete product series layout from business car to passenger car, from basic sedan to luxurious high-end brand sedan, from mini passenger car to off-road vehicles, and from energy-conservative hybrid car to new-energy car. BAW has been able to manufacture these cars and possessed the producing conditions.

In the meantime, BAW has unfolded the space layout in the whole country. Through acquisition and re-organization, BAW, while expanding its output, will realize a more reasonable industrial layout across the country as soon as possible.

Independent brand passenger cars develop from scratch and have begun to grasp core technologies. After the acquisition of the intellectual property from SAAB??it obtained the world-level manufacturing technologies of engine, gear-box, chassis and other core power train and parts and accessories of cars, and possessed the technological base to develop independent high-end sedans. The passenger car division has developed A0-level car with independent intellectual property through ODM and independent development. BAW Foton has a breakthrough in core technologies and made great achievements in terms of new-energy cars and energy-conservative cars.

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