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Chuanfu Wang: BYD Will Advert Key Product Twin Engines Car

By Tiger RUAN  From Gasgoo.comSeptember 12, 2013

“We will have plenty of twin engine cars launching market next year”. Chuanfu Wang, chairman of BYD (002594) told media at BYD Worldwide Technology Explain Conference yesterday, twin engine vehicle is the direction in the future.

According to introduction, twin engine will adopt two engines and hybrid mode. Chuanfu Wang said 90% vehicles of BYD will adopt twin engines after government publishing developed policies for new energy vehicles.

With the strategy plan explaining, Chuanfu Wang said that the next generation of BYD Qin will launch market soon at the fourth quarter this year. It should be efficiency and intelligence, and will launch 2 – 3 models for choosing. The price is around 200 thousand Chinese Yuan exclude national allowance. Besides, BYD triple engines multifunctional SUV Tang will launch market as early as the next third quarter. One hundred kilometers acceleration is up to 4.9 seconds.

When mentioned about the future of electronic vehicle in taxi segment, Chuanfu Wang believes “taxi of Shenzhen will be replaced by electronic car because of cost saving.” Traditional taxi fuel cost per km is around 80 cents. However, the figure for BYD electronic taxi is just 20 cents. It has an obvious advantage.

Traditional taxi industry has thin profit for a long time, but electronic successor will change the situation to profitable industry. Chuanfu Wang said meanwhile, it is no worries about the battery capacity. According to statistics, life of lithium iron phosphate battery is 2- 3 times longer than its vehicle. Charging issues will be improved next year. According to introduction, E6 which will be introduced to market next year will adopt new technology of large capacity power charging, which will charge full in 15 minutes.

Chuanfu Wang also introduced “Cloudy Key” technology at the conference. He gave an example that “if you travel Beijing and bring the car key with you, what should your family do?” BYD Cloudy Key will help to solve the question by internet which is able to unlock online. Besides, BYD will introduce Bluetooth key which can integrate with your mobile phone. It is much easier to carry with. Consumer can simulate tradition key by mobile phone, such as lock, unlock, open trunk etc.

Besides, Yan Hou, general manager of sales company of BYD, said BYD sold 324.4 thousand vehicles in the first 8 months this year, which has increased 23% over the performance of last year did.

BYD hold a S6 crash test at Mountain Ping vehicle and parts testing center, and test driving for Qin. As reporter known, after 100% crash test in the front of S6, A and B pillar has not crushed totally, and all four doors can open normally.

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