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GAC Toyota: 2014 Year Sales Expected 20% Growth

By Tiger RUAN  From Gasgoo.comNovember 11, 2013

It is golden age for SUV in Chinese market at present. Companies are open fire to try to take more market share in the segment. Some exported brands introduce long wheelbase into China to fit consumers taste.

However, GAC Toyota restarts its small displacement car strategy at this moment, and announce to launch its first small displacement car Yaris-L at Guangzhou Auto Exhibition on 20 Nov. Heng ZHENG, vice general manager of GAC Toyota, explains the small displacement car strategy that “small displacement car development will cultivate potential customers for us. With time goes by, Chinese customer will become more reasonable, and prefer green travel way, smaller displacement and more flexible vehicles.”

Heng ZHENG took interview with SOHO Auto on 7 Nov 2013. He said that besides small displacement car strategy, GAC Toyota will introduce a new car which price between 120 thousand – 160 thousand Yuan at Beijing Auto Exhibition next year, which aims to supplement its product matrix. In GAC Toyota advantage hybrid car segment, GAC Toyota will introduce more hybrid cars into market in the coming future. GAC Toyota was found 10 years until 2014. The company will publish its another 10 years strategy at its 10 years birthday, and make 20% sales increase as birthday present.

According to GAC Toyota small displacement car strategy, small displacement car sales will take 40% of the total sales. In the future, GAC Toyota will introduce 1-2 new cars into market each year. Yaris-L, as the first small displacement car, is very important for GAC Toyota. Yaris-L name comes from Toyota global strategic car Yaris which is launched market in 2008. Compared with original Yaris, Yaris-L has longer body and wheelbase. “Take space perspective, Yaris-L performs outstanding among the same level cars.” Just like Heng ZHENG said. Yaris-L is geared with Toyota latest 1.3L and 1.5L engines.

80 and 90 generations become the main car consumers. Yaris-L locks its potential customers with young people. How to attract young age eyesight? Heng ZHENG answers that creative marketing is a good way. For an example, Yaris-L has 7 different colors. GAC Toyota picks 7 different singer stars to represent them. It aims to closer distance with 80 and 90 generations. Heng ZHENG said that “the 7 singers, such as Chusheng CHEN and Zhiwen JIN, are very fit our positive and never give up spirit.”

“At present, Yaris-L has fairly good orders which are close to 5 thousand.” Heng ZHENG is satisfied and confident with Yaris-L market performance. “Yaris-L will not lost to POLO. Yaris-L will join shops at the end of Dec.”

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