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Great Wall Motor to promote sales in Brunei this year

  From Global TimesMarch 12, 2010

Great Wall Motor is very confident in its production of high performance-to-price ratio vehicles, and is planning to market them in the Brunei market this year, manager of the International Department at Great Wall Motor Sales, Qiu Aiping told the Global Times.

The Chinese automaker's dealer in Brunei is selling pickups and SUVs in the small market, and it hopes to launch Florid in the Southeast Asian country by the middle of this year.

The main selling point of Great Wall Motor vehicles is their high performance-to-price ratio. The Hover series equipped with Mitsubishi engines and German braking technology are less expensive compared to other brands.

According to The Brunei Times, the automaker's dealer plans to organize a promotional period where the vehicles may be sold at even more attractive prices and maybe lucky draws for every car purchase in order to increase the sales volume in Brunei.

There are reports that smaller entry-level vehicles will enter the Brunei market by end of March, with prices ranging from about $15,000 to $17,000. But Qiu refused to confirm the news.

She also did not want to reveal the company's sales volume in Brunei, only saying the number was small.

Great Wall Motor entered the Brunei market in 2006.

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