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Industry regulator issues technical specs for EVs

By Amanda Zheng  From Gasgoo.comMay 27, 2010

Shanghai, May 27 ( Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China announced yesterday investment guidelines on the country's automobile industry technological progress and transformation in 2010, which regulates the technical specifications for electric vehicles that the maximum speed must exceed 80 km per hour, China Securities Journal reported.

The rest of technical specifications for the all-electric vehicles are as follows:

1) The mileage must be more than 100 km, tested in the acceleration simulation mode (ASM).
2) Life of core components like batteries must be longer than 100 km.
3) Charging time of the vehicle's power source must be less than 7 hours.
4) Fast charge to 80% takes less than 0.5 hours.
5) Electric energy consumption must be lower than 0.16kWh/km.

Technical specifications for the plug-in hybrid vehicles are as follows:

1) Vehicles must be able to travel in the pure electric mode.
2) In the pure electric mode, passenger vehicles can travel more than 70 km at an average speed of 60 km per hour.
3) In the pure electric mode, buses can travel more than 50 km at an average speed of 40 km per hour in city.
4) Life of core components of the passenger vehicles must be longer than 100 km and that of the buses must be longer than 80 km in city.

In addition, the operating temperature of the advanced power system must be at minus 20 degrees to minus 55 degrees, and the storage and transport temperature must be at minus 40 degrees to 80 degrees. Besides, battery specific energy must be more than 90Wh/kg, each battery cycle life must be more than 2000 times, and that of the whole battery system must be more than 1200 times.

Moreover, the single-phase input voltage of the on-board charger must be 220V (plus/minus 15%) and the output voltage must be 280-400 volts DC.

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