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Majority of manufacturers in Chinese automobile market fail to meet sales targets for 2012

By Carmen Lee  From Gasgoo.comJanuary 23, 2013 (Shanghai January 22) - Only ten of China's 25 major automobile enterprises managed to meet their yearly sales targets in 2012, a Beijing Morning Post report appearing today revealed. Of the manufacturers that failed to meet their targets, the lowest performing did not even manage to achieve half of their set goals.

The ten enterprises that managed to achieve their 2012 targets were Changan Ford Mazda, FAW-VW, Dongfeng Fengshen, Shanghai GM, Beijing Hyundai, Geely, Great Wall, Dongfeng Yueda Kia, SAIC Motor and Shanghai VW. In particular, Changan Ford Mazda performed especially strongly, managing to surpass its sales target by 12.1 percent. The joint venture, which sold a total of 493,300 vehicles over the year, attributes this success to the warm reception its new Focus has received in the country.

China's 'big three' JVs–FAW-VW, Shanghai GM and Shanghai VW–all managed to fulfill their individual sales targets last year as well. Among them, FAW-VW's sales goal was the lowest, set at 1.2 million vehicles, while Shanghai GM and Shanghai VW announced sales targets of 1.3 million vehicles and 1.28 million vehicles, respectively. However, the 1.2 million sales target, which FAW-VW managed to surpass by 10.7 percent, is still 16 percent higher than the number of vehicles the JV sold in 2011. FAW-VW has set a goal of 1.5 million sales for this year, which is the highest 2013 sales target to be announced by an automobile manufacturer in China so far.

JAC Motors, Dongfeng Honda, FAW Toyota, Guangqi Honda, Dongfeng Yulon, Dongfeng Nissan, Beijing Benz, Chery, Guangqi Toyota, Tianjin FAW, FAW Mazda and FAW Car constituted the manufacturers that failed to meet their sales targets in 2012.

Japanese brands' performances last year were severely set back by the Diaoyu Island incident, which saw a wave of demonstrations advocating the boycott of Japanese goods flare up across China in the latter half of the year. Dongfeng Honda and FAW Toyota's sales goals completion rates were the highest, with the JVs managing to achieve 83.05 percent and 82.6 percent of their set targets, respectively.

Dongfeng Fengshen, Geely and Great Wall were the only own brand manufacturers which managed to complete their sales targets for the year. The three manufacturers sold 60,200 vehicles, 491,400 vehicles and 620,000 vehicles, respectively. BYD, meanwhile, fell just three percent short of completing its sales target. Chery managed to sell just 536,800 vehicles over the year, equivalent to 76.7 percent of its original sales target.


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