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China Special Vehicle Market Report, 2006(overview)
From www.gasgoo.com| February 01 , 2008

Special vehicles are  products with higher technical contents. It integrates the advanced technologies in machine, electronics, communications, and environmental protection into the chassis of a special vehicle modularly to realize specific functions. Remarkable progress has appeared in China special vehicle market since 2001.
              Consumption Structure of China Commercial Vehicle in 2005 (Unit: thousand)

China Special Vehicle Market Report, 2006(overview)


The output of special vehicles in China only shares 22% of that of cargo vehicles, which is far less than the 50-70% of developed countries. China as a fast developing manufacturing power, t the gap means great opportunities. The domestic sedan market is tending to be saturated and polarized after several years' rapid development, while he golden age for the various special vehicles is just coming, and it will remain over 10% annual growth in the following several years. For example, the environment sanitation vehicle market will maintain the annual growth of 10%-12%, and various unique vehicles will appear; along with the increasing of highway logistics, the light-duty delivery vehicles with multi-function as well as multi-purpose, will show a great demand.

Distinguished from the sedan industry achieves its scale merit by mass production and high investment, the special vehicle industry, however, has its own particular development rules and profit mode, namely “multi-series, multi-specification, small batch, individuation and high added value”. The key to success is whether or not the products can satisfy individual demand at low cost. Consequently, big car manufacturers are almost at the same starting line with special vehicle manufacturers.

There are now 700-800 special vehicle manufacturers in China, most of which are still at the stage of single product, single market and feeble comprehensive strength. The special vehicle market in the near future will be controlled by those who are farsighted, fully prepared, and capable of resources integration, and those with high technical contents.

The report data sourced from the authorities such as National Bureau of Statistics, China Customs and China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, etc. It gives an in-depth study on the policies, status quo, market structure, tendency and opportunities of China special vehicle industry, and analyzes the current development of Chinese key special vehicle manufacturers. The report offers reliable references for special vehicle enterprises, organizations and individuals planning to invest in this industry.

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