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Gasgoo Awards 2022 applicant: thermal imaging evadible system from Xuanyuan Idrive

From Xuanyuan Idrive| September 23 , 2022

For the Gasgoo Awards 2022, the thermal imaging evadible system from Xuanyuan Idrive Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. ("Xuanyuan Idrive") has applied for the Top 100 Players of China's New Automotive Supply Chain.


Photo credit: Xuanyuan Idrive


The Thermal Imaging Evadible System is composed of a thermal imaging camera and an electronic control unit (ECU). The thermal imaging camera creates video images by using an infrared detector to convert the infrared radiation signals into electronic signals and amplify and process them through specific ASIC chips. The ECU features pedestrian detection by means of AI and the embedded processor.


Photo credit: Xuanyuan Idrive

Product Highlights

XUANYUAN IDRIVE has realized the domestic mass production of infrared detector chips, thanks to the breakthrough in the encapsulation of the chips—the new wafer level package (WLP). Different from traditional metal and ceramic packaging, it fundamentally solves obstacles to the bulk production. Besides, compared with FPGA chips, the self-developed ASIC chips for the Thermal Imaging Evadible System, will be beneficial to the lower cost and miniaturization of products.

Unique Advantages

1) Policy support: XUANYUAN IDRIVE is one of the experts responsible for developing two national standards, the Performance Requirements and Testing Methods for Night Vision System of Passenger Cars and the Passive Infrared Detector System for Vehicle. The former is going to be released and the latter is being drafted.

2) Technical advance: The infrared detector chips are made massively in China and the groundbreaking WLP is applied to the encapsulation of the chips; the custom-made ASIC chips have been developed for the Thermal Imaging Evadible System.

3) Mass production: The core infrared detector chips have achieved large-scale production of 10 million units per year. Next, a stable supply with the low cost of mass production will be guaranteed.

4) Xuanyuan Idrive's Vehicle-mounted thermal products have been booked for commercial and passenger vehicles for the first time in China. Meanwhile, Xuanyuan has already started trial production of products in intelligent driving projects with multiple automotive OEMs and smart driving companies.


Infrared thermal sensors that use thermal imaging technology can operate in dark environments or harsh conditions, which is a natural complement to other sensors. In the high-level autonomous driving environment perception layer, far-infrared technology shall occupy a place.

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