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NIO’s NOP+ feature goes live on roads within 5th Ring Road in Beijing

Monika From Gasgoo| July 12 , 2023

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- On July 10, NIO's Navigation on Pilot Plus (NOP+) feature came online for highways and urban expressways within the 5th Ring Road in Beijing. With this update, NIO's NOP+ achieves full coverage on the 2nd Ring Road, 3rd Ring Road, 4th Ring Road, and 5th Ring Road, expressways, and highways within Beijing, providing a more seamless and convenient NOP+ travel experience.

According to NIO, users do not need to perform a software OTA upgrade for this update. It will be automatically updated through the cloud, requiring no manual operation to experience the functions in the latest road coverage.


NIO ET7; photo credit: NIO

NIO stated that the NOP+ is a feature exclusively designed based on the Banyan digital system. It assists users in completing various driving tasks on highways and urban expressways, including entering and exiting ramps, selecting optimal lanes, overtaking slow vehicles, and automatically adjusting speed according to speed limits.

Simultaneously, with the release of Banyan 2.0.0 version, the NOP+ capabilities have been upgraded once again. NIO self-developed BEV and occupancy grid perception framework provide enhanced perception capabilities, while the ESD dynamic simulation display shows richer dynamic models, road elements, and visualizations of surrounding vehicles’ intentions. It also incorporates a brand-new rule-based control model.

Furthermore, NIO announced that users who purchase new vehicles will receive free access to NOP+. The details are as follows:

Customers who pay a deposit starting from June 1, 2023, and purchase the ET7, ES7, EC7, or ET5 vehicles will receive one year of free NOP+ usage.

Customers who pay a deposit before July 31, 2023 (inclusive), and purchase the all-new ES8 or all-new ES6 will receive two years of free NOP+ usage within a limited time.

Customers who pay a deposit starting from August 1, 2023 (inclusive), and purchase the all-new ES8 or all-new ES6 will receive one year of free NOP+ usage for a limited time.

It is worth noting that XPeng, AITO, and AVATR have already launched urban navigation assistance features, with expanding coverage in various cities. In the future, competition among automakers in the field of intelligent driving will continue to intensify.


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