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SAIC Maxus cultivates competitive power in self-driving area to achieve leapfrog developments in intelligent vehicles

Biwen Wang From 盖世汽车| June 19 , 2017

SAIC Maxus D90 SUVSAIC Group Commercial Vehicle Technology Center ADASSAIC Maxus, D90 SUV,SAIC Group Commercial Vehicle Technology Center ADAS

D90 SUV, the first product in SAIC Maxus C2B strategy, made debut on Shanghai Auto Show this year in self-driving mode and attracted great attention in the market. “Self-driving technologies in commercial vehicles will face more opportunities than passenger vehicles.” Zhao Honglu, General Engineer of SAIC Group Commercial Vehicle Technology Center ADAS, said to media.

Although D90 drove a short journey under self-driving mode, it could be concluded that SAIC Maxus has mastered the technological R&D capabilities for self-driving models.

“We give a departure order to D90, and then it would judge positions and accomplish a series of movements including starting, turning around and halting, all in the self-driving mode.” Zhao said. He also said that, the R&D of self-driving technologies would have a more solid foundation with improving safety configurations. Compared with passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles need more self-driving technologies to reduce drivers’ working pressure and improving journey safety. Currently, SAIC Commercial Vehicle Technology Center is co-developing self-driven heavy trucks with SAIC Hongyan Truck, providing products to customers from port tractor market.

Based on the newly-developed GPS, the self-driving system developed by SAIC Commercial Technology Center will have higher positioning accuracy. SAIC Commercial vehicle products will be more competitive in the market with high-precision maps in different self-driving modes.

The transform of products also means that SAIC commercial vehicles will be implemented as a specialized self-driving model. We believe that SAIC commercial vehicles will achieve the leapfrog developments in commercial vehicles with intelligent products.

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