Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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China FAW Group Have Been under More Tough Supervision from China’s Government

Shareholders from both China FAW Car Co., Ltd and China Tianjin FAW Xiali Automobile Co.,Ltd met today for reviewing proposal made by China FAW Group to change date for shares changes.

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Beijing completes auto insurance fee reform, insurance fee for running red lights rises 45% at most

Gasgoo.com (Shanghai June 28 th )– Beijing, one of the trial districts for business auto insurance fee reform completed the system switch at 10:00 p.m. of yesterday. It’s learned that the ...

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Dongfeng stock soars while FAW plunges this June

Gasgoo.com (Shanghai June 28 th )– This June, shares of Dongfeng Passenger Vehicles Company have soared 20% by June 23rd on several major orders in alternative energy vehicles, strategic coopera...

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Pingan becomes AutoHome’s biggest shareholder, the former CEO and CFO are forced to quit

Gasgoo.com (Shanghai June 27 th )– Pingan announced on June 25th that, Pingan has finished AutoHome’s share transfer with Telstra and officially becomes AutoHome’s biggest shareholde...

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China’s Chery to Work with Shou Qi Group for Developing Business of Renting Alternative Energy Vehicles

Gasgoo.com (Shanghai June 27 th )– Chery, a leading manufacturer of alternative energy vehicles in China, has signed agreement to cooperate with Shou Qi Group, a provider of service of car renti...

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Ford announces two experimental intelligent car parking solutions in Shanghai

Gasgoo.com (Shanghai June 27 th )– In June 21st, Ford Motor has announced two experimental mobility solutions aiming at facilitating car owners’ parking, heralding the forthcoming Mobile W...

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A China’s Provider of Taxi Service Has Asked for Governmental Regulations on Service of Online Car Renting

Gasgoo.com (Shanghai June 24 th )– Shanghai Dazhong Taxi & Car Leasing Corporate in China has asked for governmental investigation into operation of companies proving service of car renting onli...

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BAIC BJEV will increase RMB 3b funds for R&D and develop six new models each year

Gasgoo.com (Shanghai June 24 th )– BAIC BJEV completed the delivery of 20,000 units’ alternative energy vehicles in 2015, ranking first in China and fourth in the world in terms of BEV sal...

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BAIC BJEV joins hands with Uber to promote timeshare car rental

Gasgoo.com (Shanghai June 24 th )– On the occasion of this year’s World Environment Day, BAIC BJEV announced on the platform of a Zhongguancun-based business incubator that the company wit...

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Geely will sell Know Beans electric cars, and domestic listed companies may purchase it

Gasgoo.com (Shanghai June 23 rd )– On the afternoon of June 22th, Geely released announcement that, the group has assigned an agreement with an independent investor to sell the holding shares of...

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Toyota recalls 466,000 vehicles globally for spare tire, braking issues

Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T) said on Thursday it is recalling 466,000 minivans and cars globally, mostly in the United States, for possible faulty brakes and loss of a spare tire.

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PATEO strives to build the control center for mobile life

After the launch of iVokaL at CTIA 2014, the first mobile connectivity solution based on Android ecosystem, PATEO launches iVokaL2.0, an upgraded version of iVokaL, jointly with Ford in Los Angeles on...

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PATEO and Ford co-launch iVokaL 2.0 at Los Angeles Auto Show

PATEO and Ford Co-launchiVokaL2.0 at Los Angeles Auto Show 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show was officially opened in the U.S. on Nov. 18 local time. After the launch of iVokaLat CTIA2014----the first mob...

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Canada keen to find out if GM Canada delayed recalls, breaking law

Canadian government officials are trying to determine whether the Canadian unit of General Motors had delayed the recall of some cars, breaking the law in doing so, after the U.S. fined the parent com...

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Peugeot says share issue oversubscribed

French carmaker PSA Peugeot Citroen (PEUP.PA) said on Wednesday the second part of its share issue was oversubscribed, with demand reaching 145 percent of the shares offered. The company said total...

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Why new world Tesla needs old world factory relief

Analysts, pundits and commentators have been mesmerized of late by two very big issues facing Tesla Motors. Issue 1: Will state dealer laws allow Tesla to go on selling its cars direct, without a reta...

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Why GM dealers have a chance to shine
There’s no getting around the fact that General Motors is taking a clubbing right now. A huge recall, several lawsuits, a blistering congressional hearing, apologies to consumers, potential c...
Ford vs. Cadillac: C-Max video spoofs rich-guy ELR spot, speaking to the common man
Why do we work so hard? Is it so we can take a vacation in August to get away from our luxurious homes, pools, $75,000 cars and claim ownership of the moon? Those things are so tiring and I have ye...


Summary: Chinese SUV market in May
Gasgoo.com (Shanghai) - A total of 647,256 SUVs sold in China in the month of May, according to China Passenger Car Association statistics compiled by Gasgoo.com (Chinese). That figure represents cont...
Summary: Sales performance of passenger automobile manufacturers in May
Gasgoo.com (Shanghai) - As recently released statistics gathered by China Passenger Car Association and compiled by Gasgoo.com (Chinese) show, the joint ventures FAW-VW and Shanghai VW continue to lea...


Joerg Buchheim:HELLA's way of talent cultivation under the multiculture
“Virtuous person,a national treasure.” The emperor Taizu of min compared the talent to the national treasure, that express the eager for talent and the significance of talent. HELLA China ...
Huntsman Advanced Materials Promotes Composites Mass Production And Application in Light Weight Vehicle
Special interview with Mr. THIERRY PERCHET, Marketing Director, APAC/INDIA and Mr. Meising HO, Technology Director, APAC/INDIA Huntsman Corporation is a global manufacturer and marketer of differen...


Webasto Supplier Day held successfully
Carefully selected and arranged by Gasgoo International, the world's leading auto parts supplier, Webasto, had a match-making event with more than 20 outstanding suppliers from all over the country on...
Lighting up the road ahead
If auto manufacturers are to navigate a fast-changing future, they need consumer segmentation that tells them what’s coming next. You wouldn’t drive a car at night without headlights, b...
BENTELER Automotive and ChanganAutomobile establish Joint Venture in Chongqing (China)
BENTELER Automotive and ChanganAutomobile establish Joint Venture in Chongqing (China) Salzburg/Paderborn/Chongqing, 07.07.2015. – German full-service supplier BENTELER Automotive and Changan...
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