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Most people claim NEV charging difficulty in Shanghai

Shiny From Gasgoo| January 05 , 2018

China auto market news, NEV charging piles Shanghai, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- In recent days, many cities started to adopt the green-colored NEV license plates in China, not only making NEVs easily to be recognized, but also benefiting for the development of NEV market. In accordance with a survey report from Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, it is acknowledged that shortage of charging piles, low range of batteries and long battery charging time are the major problems that hinder the development of NEVs. The following depicts the status quo of Shanghai's NEV market. 

It's easy to buy a NEV but hard to have a charging pile.

According to the public data, currently, the NEV parc in Shanghai reached around 110,000 units, while according to incomplete statistics, only 86,000 charging piles were installed in Shanghai. The ratio between NEVs and charging piles has reached 1.2:1. But how many charging piles were actually used? It remains unknown. Nearly 70% interviewees believed that the lack of charging piles would would be the major obstacle that prevents the development of NEVs.

In terms of the private charging piles, NEV owners are required to install their private charging piles so that they can get the NEV subsidies. Actually, it is really difficult to ensure every NEV owner to have a charging pile in residential areas. Henceforth, the truth is that it's easy to buy a NEV but really hard to have a charging pile and get NEV subsidies.

When it comes to public charging piles, there also exist a lot of questions, such as unreasonable layout, substandard usage and different standards. 68% interviewees thought the existing public charging piles can hardly meet their demands.

Subsidies and free Shanghai license plates trigger people most to buy NEVs.

According to the statistics, a vast majority of the interviewees hold positive attitude to the future development of NEVs in Shanghai, mainly thanks to the popularity of the idea of green and environment protection as well as subsidy policy.

60% interviewees prefer or intend to buy NEVs with the attraction of free Shanghai license plates. Subsidy policy attracted 52% of the interviewees to choose NEVs. 

In addition, being limited by the battery technologies, cost prices of NEVs still remain high. With the support of NEV subsidy policy, the NEV market will be greatly developed in the future.

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