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Auto Market in Denmark

From| March 29,2007

There are almost no domestic auto manufacturers in Denmark, all of the motor vehicles are imported from foreign countries. The main types of imported motor vehicles are coaches (below 3.5 tons), convertibles, LCVs(below 3.5 tons), buses and trucks(above 3.5 tons).

As statistics in Denmark shows, the total number of the petrol-powered motor vehicles were 141026 units in 2004 with an increase of 34.87% compared to 104565 units in 2003, and the value of which amounted to 1,089,479,800 Danish Krona; the total number of the diesel-powered motor vehicles were 50,879, rising by 38.09% compared to 36,846 units in 2003, with total value of 547257100 Danish Krona.

Only parts and components for the automotive industry are produced in Europe. Cars are not produced in Denmark since World War 2 and the last Ford assembly line in Copenhagen stopped activity in the 60's. Danish companies are typical Tier 2 suppliers, which means business-to-business and not business-to-consumer-companies. They produce for the Original Equipment Market and for the motor vehicle Aftermarket. Main products are brake pads, automotive belts, aluminum forms and pans, coach, gaskets, remanufacturing brake calipers, and development of high technology solutions. Roulands Fabriker, the biggest company in Denmark for the automotive manufacturing automotive industry, also supplies products for other industries.

The main sources of Denmark's auto importation are mainly from EU, Japan, Korea and Thailand. There are no restrictions to the sources and brands of motor vehicles importation.


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