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Romania says auto industry to become main economic engine

Xinhua From Xinhua News Agency| April 17,2007

Auto industry may become one of the most powerful engines for the development of Romania's industry, Romanian Prime Minister Calin Popescu-Tariceanu said on Monday.

He was speaking at a ceremony to open the Renault Design Center in Romania.

He said the project, together with the coming privatization of the local Daewoo automobile factory, enables the country to employ some 100,000 people and boost the development of other industries, such as the spare parts industry and the distribution business.

Tariceanu said the Renault Center at Titu, southern Romania, will employ over 3,000 specialists and voiced hope that this will contribute to stimulating design concerns with other market suppliers.

He also voiced the hope to turn the automotive industry into a principal component of the Romanian economy, saying he hopes the privatization of Daewoo Craiova will materialize, given that the bidders are General Motors and Ford.

"If we manage to make this second project come true, I can guarantee that Romania will indeed become a force to reckon with in this area," said Tariceanu, adding that the automotive industry will offer Romania the foundations for a high and sustainable economic growth in the years to come.

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