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Romanian Automotive Industry Needs Expertise

From| April 17,2007

Over the period of time international manufacturer of auto component have invested more than hundreds million US dollars. Now, the manufacturers are facing more difficulties in finding skilful workers.

According to the Local Ziarul financiar daily, Romanian labor market is already overloaded. This may lead to shortage of labor and, most probably, significant increase of wages. Continental AG is one among all foremost investors in automotive component manufacturing and has five factories in Romania.

Romania is the best place for the well-known companies but it's hard for new comers to enter into the market. Bos Automotive Products Romania, the subsidiary company of German BOS Co KG & GmbH, also felt the pinch, as per Ziarul financiar.

Now, the company is planning to spread out the activities of its plant in Arad region and it also requires more staff, yet recruiting process was not that much easy, due to the lack of skilled personnel.

According to data of the Association of Carmakers in Romania (ACAROM), so far the investment in the automotive industry and its connected fields has concerned about 7.4 billion US dollars. The figure includes FDI as well as investment by the domestic manufacturing company.

Industry analysts expect that the investment may go up in between 9 and 10 billion US dollars for short period of time and the automobile industry business will go up to 12.7 billion US dollars by the year 2010.

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