Auto Clusters in Poland

By From| Apr 30 2007
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Polish clusters in traditional and high-tech branches have a strong regional element, with spontaneous bottom-up networking. The automotive sector plays a fundamental role in regional clusters, with important automotive sector production centers grouped around four agglomerations, namely Katowice,, Poznań and Warszawa. At the present stage, General Motors has invested heavily in an Opel plant in the Special Economic Zone in Katowice. Other significant investments in the region relate to Japanese Isuzu Motors (production of new generation high-pressure engines), and Delphi Automotive Systems.Fiat-GM Powertrain Polska has begun production of modern turbo diesel engines, and Japanese NGK Ceramics has started production of automotive ceramic. Cluster mapping and several specific studies show that there is strong potential for the development of competitive cluster structures in the country.
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