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Key Hungarian Automotive Industry Statistics

From HSK| May 10,2007

• Revenues for 2004: EUR 10.2Billion;

• Share of total industrial production:14%

• Share of total exports: 23%

• Share of production exported, by sub-sector: 94% of cars, 88% of engines and spare parts

• Share of total national exports of Audi, Suzuki and GM Powertrain combined:17%

• Number of motor-vehicle manufacturing firms: 350

• Number of motor-vehicle manufacturing firms: with audited quality-assurance systems:250

• Number of employees:95,000

• Skilled workers’ average gross wage:537 Euros/month

• Proportion of employees involved in main-unit manufacturing:88%

Production data for 2004:

• Passenger cars: 118,590

• Passenger cars exported: 89,561

• Commercial vehicles: 3,175

• Commercial vehicles exported: 1,394

• Buses:901

• Buses exported: 735

• Engines: 1,936,799

• Engines exported: 100%

• Domestic retail sales in 2004:

• Passenger cars: 208,044

• Commercial vehicles: 30145

• Motorcycles: 10386

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