Major Car Manufacturers in Germany

By From| May 14 2007
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The 5 large passenger car manufacturers, in no particular order, are:

1.  Mercedes-Benz  (DaimlerChrysler)       Stuttgart
2.  BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke)         Munich
3.  Volkswagen (VW)                                       Wolfsburg
     AUDI (VW)                                                     Ingolstadt
4.  Ford                                                              Cologne
5.  Opel GM (General Motors)                       Rüsselsheim

Porsche in Zuffenhausen (Stuttgart) is much smaller but certainly also recognised as a leading high-performance and upmarket sports car manufacturer.

The 4 major commercial vehicle manufacturers are:

1.  Mercedes-Benz (DaimlerChrysler)             Stuttgart
2.  MAN                                                                   Munich
3.  Faun  Neunkirchen,                                        Bavaria
4.  Auwärter (coaches)                                        Ehrenhain

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