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Seat's first SUV revealed

From| May 24,2007

VWAG's Spanish brand Seat has revealed that it will be displaying its first SUV at the upcoming Barcelona Motor Show.

Seat's first all-roader is based on the Altea XL MPV and has been bolstered with plastic front and rear bumpers, more rugged 17-inch alloys and ground clearance raised by 40 mm.

Four-wheel drive is provided by a Haldex arrangement that transfers power to the front wheels under normal circumstances and distributes up to 50 per cent of this power to the rear wheels when slip is detected.

Two engines - VWAG's familiar petrol 2.0 T FSI and 2.0 TDI - will do duty in the Altea Freetrack.

Interior comfort is on par with similar family SUVs. The Altea has rear seats that slide over 16 cm for added legroom or luggage space. Load capacity is rather generous with the Freetrack offering 593 l of rear luggage space.

The Freetrack will be sold with just one trim level, though standard equipment includes rear window shades, dual climate control, rain, light and parking sensors, cruise control and steering-wheel mounted controls among others.

Seat's new multimedia system is standard too. It has a seven-inch screen hinged to the ceiling with an RCA connection allowing DVD players, video games and MP3 players to be plugged into the system with sound transmitted via the car's sound system.

Safety equipment includes a full complement of airbags, ESP, electro-mechanical steering and a tyre pressure monitor.

The Freetrack, which will be produced at Seat's Martorell facility, is unfortunately not planned for local introduction, the brand's South African representative told Wheels24.

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