Renault's new Twingo to be launched on June 15

By From Earthtimes| Jun 07 2007
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Renault's new Twingo model, built at the French carmaker's plant in Novo Mesto in Slovenia, will go on sale from June 15, the company has announced in Paris. The new mini-sized model comes at a time of sliding sales for Renault. It is also the first in an ambitious range renewal programme called Renault Commitment 2009. The new Twingo rounds off Renault's coverage of the small-car segment alongside the Clio Campus, Modus and the Clio III.

Renault says the new car is designed to target a broader and more international customer range than the first Twingo which came out in April 1993 and has been sold 2.4 million times.

The new Twingo retains the concept of its predecessors, with three doors and four seats. The car is 3.6 metres long and boasts a volume of luggage space said to be the largest in its class. Three petrol engine variants are offered with either 60, 75 or 100 horsepower. A diesel option is available for the first time - the frugal 1.5 dCi unit as fitted to the Clio III.

One offbeat option is what Renault calls a "grass mat" dashboard trim. A pad of what look like upturned toothbrush bristles sits behind the steering wheel and ensures the secure storage of iPods, cell phones and other lifestyle gadgets which tend to get flung around the car interior during journeys.

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