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UK Auto Companies Series

Gujing From| June 11,2007

MG Rover Developed from manufacturing bicycles, Rover initiated car production in 1904, and undertook the grouping, regrouping, merging and take-over of many famous names in British motoring. In 1986, it was named the Rover Group and became one of British Leyland's subsidiaries. Two years later, it was sold to British Aerospace. In early 1994, the German auto giant BMW took over the Rover Group. Then MG Rover was owned by Phoenix since they purchased the group from BMW in May 2000. Most recently, on July 23, 2005, Nanjing Motor Group acquired MG Rover with over 50 million pounds.

UK Auto Companies Series

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The new company, MG Rover Group Limited, is now a medium sized company under the Rover and MG brands from the Longbridge Birmingham plant with total turnout of 132,789 in 2003. The company started life with a debt free balance sheet and a strong revenue stream, which included car sales, parts, accessories and vehicle financing.

As a classic brand, Rover and MG contributed many famed motors. In 1911 Rover introduced the Twelve, a 2.3 litre 4-cylinder motor, a car that established the factory's reputation for quality. In the 1940s Rover built a series of elegant saloons and coupes with classic lines. In 1949 the P4 set new standards for build quality, comfort and luxury. In 1964 no fewer than 130.000 were sold. The P5 (1958) was a larger and more luxurious car, initially fitted with a 3-litre engine. In 1967 the now famous ex-Buick 3.5 litre V8 was fitted to the P5 bodyshell. The elegant P6 was introduced in 1963. The revolutionary SD1 model was introduced in 1976 and promptly won the coveted 1977 Car of the Year award.

MG was once synonymous with sports cars, recording hundreds of class wins in major races. Its products range from MG A, MG B, MG Midget, MG Montego to MG Maestro and MG Metro, etc along its history. In 2001 MG Rover launched MG versions of the 25, 45 and 75, the ZR, ZS, and ZT and the new XPower SV sports car.

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