Sales of Foreign Autos Climb

By From American International Automobile Dealers Association| Feb 14 2007
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In January sales rose 6.5% from last year, while Detroit Three sales as a group dropped 13.4%

Last month, dealers in the U.S. sold 1,091,003 vehicles. Of these, international nameplate auto dealers were responsible for 539,417 units, or 49.4 percent, thus, continuing to make significant inroads on American market share. Together, international nameplate sales rose 6.5 percent from last year, while Detroit Three sales as a group dropped 13.4 percent.

Asian automakers took a large percentage of international market share, as Toyota led the way with a sales increase of 9.5 percent to 175,850 vehicles. Honda followed closely behind with sales rising 2.4 percent to 100,790 vehicles.

Stellar months were had by Kia (up 24.4 percent), Suzuki (up 13.4 percent), finally Mitsubishi (up 25.6 percent), and Mercedes-Benz (up 36.8 percent).

Ultra luxury brands Bentley and Maserati had noteworthy January sales, up 15.8 percent and 20.1 percent, respectively.

Detroit Three automakers saw sales decline to their lowest levels ever in January with GM sales falling 16.7 percent to 242,252 vehicles; Ford falling 19.6 percent to 153,056 units; and, DaimlerChrysler rising only a slight 0.5 percent for a total of 173,407 vehicles, largely due to a strong month for Mercedes-Benz sales. Without Mercedes-Benz, DCX sales reached just 156,308 units.


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