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U.S. Automobiles Industry Overview- Sample Data

From| February 28 , 2007
Sales, Production, Vehicles in Use 2006 Percent of Total Amount in Millions Source
Cars and Light Trucks Sold, U.S   16.5  PRE
Hybrids sold, U.S 1.5% 0.25

JD Powers/PRE

Passenger Cars Sold, Western Europe, 2006   15.00 PRE
Cars and Light Trucks Sold, Global   49.17 Scotiabank
Cars and All Trucks Manufactured      
U.S   11.80 Scotiabank
Canada   2.60 Scotiabank
Mexico   2.00 Scotiabank
Global   53.00 PRE
Total Vehicles in Operation, Cars and Trucks, 2006, U.S   260 PRE
Total Vehicles in Operation, Cars and Trucks, 2006, Global   800 PRE
Global Unit Sales, 2006, Cars and Light Trucks      
GM   8.30  PRE
Toyota   8.20 PRE
Ford   6.10 PRE
DaimlerChrysler   4.20 PRE
Honda   3.60 PRE
Market Share of U.S. Sales, 2006 2005 2006  
Big 3 57.0% 53.0% PRE
General Motors 25.0% 24.0% PRE
Ford 18.0% 17.0% PRE
DaimlerChrysler 14.0% 12.0% PRE
All Others 43.0% 47.0% PRE
  Number Units  
Total Revenues New-Car and New-Light Truck Dealers,2005, U.S  699  bil.US$ NADA
Total Number of New-Car Dealerships, 2006,U.S.  21,495   NADA
Total Highway Miles Traveled,2006,U.S 300,000  million   PRE
Automotive Manufacturing Employees,U.S.2005  1.75 million   BEA
Automotive Retail Employees,U.S.2005  1.72 million   BEA
BEA=U.S.Bureau of Economic Analysis      
NADA=National Auto Dealers Association       
PRE=Plunkett Research Estimate.      

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