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Geely arranges “technological brand” layout by lifting the independence of intelligent driving business

Biwen Wang From 盖世汽车| May 16,2017

geely iNTECLYNK&CO 03geely iNTEC, LYNK&CO 03

Geely sets its 2025 safety and technological target that no one will die or be badly hurt by driving a new Geely model. It also sets explicit target on light weight and exhaust emission.

Geely Auto announced to use Hangzhou Bay R&D center on May 10th, releasing “iNTEC humanized intelligent driving” technological brand and setting May 10th as Geely open day, which is just the “Chinese brand day”.

An Conghui, President of Geely Group, said on the open day that, “Geely aims to sell 2m units in 2020.” As one of the fastest-growing Chinese brands, Geely has a total sales volume of 365,000 units from January to April in 2017, increasing 94% year-to-year. Till now, it has accomplished 37% of total annual target.

But it is not enough. “There is no shortcut for Chinese brands to win market recognition.” An said. Only by technological innovation will Chinese brands reconstruct market structure and realize Chinese dreams. In fact, auto companies are competing to upgrade technologies, seen from the new technologies and models on Shanghai Auto Show. But Geely always puts great importance in technologies. Data shows that Geely’s R&D fees account for 20% of its annual sales volume for a long time, compared with 5% to 10% in other auto companies.

It’s shown that self-independent brands are entering a differentiation period. Currently, most auto companies are competing for SUV models, while Geely is trying to make breakthroughs in car market. An Conghui believes the success in SUV market relies on the good performance in car market. “Price of SUV models are higher than cars when they have the same costs, showing that it is more difficult to make success in car market.”

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