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New LOGO? Changhe Auto Register 2 New Brand Identity

Daisy Huang From 盖世汽车| May 18,2017

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Since reorganizing and joining to Beiqi Group, the sales of Changhe Automobile begin to rebound, at the same time the brand is becoming younger. Recently, the Internet Info Agency learned from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Bureau that Changhe Automobile applied to register two new brand identity, which means that Changhe Automobile has the intention of using the new brand logo and further enhancing the brand image.

The two new logo are much different from the existing logo. The new logo are formed by polygon, in the internal and under part are labeled the letters "CHANGHE", which make an overall presentation of "wings" style, the visual effect is more stylish. If the two logo are used, it will undoubtedly change many users’ first impression of the new model.

The new logo is added blue honeycomb shading, which represents the low carbon energy saving concept of Changhe Automobile, it also symbolizes the new thinking in the Intelligent and Internet automobile products.

The blue background symbolizes the pursuit of technological innovation of Changhe Automobile, and it means the company will continue to innovate, through advanced technology to provide users with better products.

At the same time, the announcement of new brand also marks the integration of Beijing Automotive Group has entered a new stage, and the Beijing Automotive Group will make "Changhe" brand become domestic mainstream brand and world famous brand.

By contrast, traditional auto companies are limited to brand history, tradition and other factors, the brand identity update usually take "a slight adjustment" way, so that the two logo which Changhe Automobile registered are more revolutionary.

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