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Baidu Sign with Manufacturers, Promote Automatic Driving

Daisy Huang From 盖世汽车| June 09 , 2017

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Intelligent driving is developing towards commercial production, win-win cooperation has become a mainstream trend to promote the related technical landing. Adhere to the development strategy of open cooperation, Baidu intelligent driving is growing and it plans to become the promoters of intelligent driving production. On June 7th, the first day of CES Asia opening ceremony, Baidu Partner Conference was held in Shanghai, Baidu signed a cooperation agreement with DESAY SV, United Automotive Electronics, Hangsheng electronics and other great leading automotive manufacturers. They would jointly develop intelligent driving production plan in the future. At the meeting, Baidu said that in the future it will empower partners with greatest sincerity and continue to explore new cooperation mode with more manufacturers, in order to make China intelligent driving early step into the production stage and achieve "corner overtaking".

Recently, Baidu has made continued in-depth cooperation in the field of driving intelligence, and has actively built ecosystem of cooperation. It is known that the cooperation content is centered on BCU (Baidu automatic driving dedicated computing platform) and MapAuto (Baidu maps car version).

Deputy General Manager of DESAY SV automotive Limited by Share Ltd Duan Yong Zheng says that Baidu’s technology, data and resources are competent, it is a positive thing for the industry that Baidu opens automatic driving technology accumulation and related ability. 

Automatic driving is one of the important direction of Baidu artificial intelligence, Baidu is actively building partnerships system, it will provide resources in aspects of artificial intelligence, automatic driving and big data technology for partners. 

This cooperation is another large-scale expansion between Baidu partners team since the announcement of Baidu Apollo Plan. In the future, Baidu will cooperate with partners and promote the intelligent driving industry early step into production.

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