Geely’s Sichuan new commercial vehicle factory is put into production

By Biwen Wang From 盖世汽车| Jul 10 2017
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Geely Sichuan new commercial vehicle factory is put into production in Nanchong today, further improving Geely’s industrial layout and transformation. It also fills up Geely’s blank in alternative energy vehicle manufacturing area in Nanchong City, laying a solid foundation for Nanchong City to implement the “155 development strategy”.

Geely Holding Group has arranged great high-quality capacity in Sichuan Province, effectively promoting local auto industry’s expansion. Geely Holding Group also has other projects in Sichuan Province, including Geely Auto Chengdu Base, Volvo Chengdu Base and BMA passenger vehicle project.

Nanchong Factory is Geely’s first alternative energy vehicle commercial vehicle project in Sichuan Province, and belongs to one of Geely Alternative energy commercial vehicle’s four global bases.

The first period of Nanchong Factory will start in July, 2015, covering an area of 1,000 acres. The project is expected to have an annual capacity of 100,000 units, with leading technologic across the nation.

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