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China’s SVOLT unveils cobalt-free battery lineup at Auto China 2020

Monika From Gasgoo| September 30 , 2020

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- SVOLT Energy Technology Co., Ltd. ("SVOLT"), a leading EV battery manufacturer carved out of Great Wall Motor, unveiled four cobalt-free batteries at the Auto China 2020.

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(Photo source: SVOLT)

According to Yang Hongxin, president of SVOLT, the four cobalt-free batteries are built on the H and E platforms, which target NEV models whose ranges standing between 300km and 800km, and support the full-scenarios applications in A00- to D-segment models.

SVOLT cobalt-free battery, SVOLT Auto China 2020, China automotive news

(SVOLT's cobalt-free battery products target NEVs model with ranges from 300km to 800km; photo source: SVOLT)

Two H platform-based cobalt-free batteries are the 115Ah MEB 1.5x (33.4mm*220mm*102.5mm) and the 226Ah L6 (21.5mm*574mm*118mm), focusing on upper medium and premium models respectively.

The H platform-based batteries mainly adopt nano-encapsulation technology, single crystal growth technique and oxygen octahedron structure mingled with positive ions. The capacity of the batteries based on the H platform is expected to be increased to 180 mAh/g by 2020 and to 185 mAh/g by 2022.

Yang Hongxin said the H platform-based batteries are able to replace ternary high-nickel batteries in long-range vehicle models in term of both performance and cost competitiveness. To be specific, the 115Ah cobalt-free battery features an energy density of 245wh/kg and a lifespan of over 3,000 cycles, which were 2% higher and 50% more than that of the ternary high-nickel batteries on the same level. The company plans to apply the 115Ah batteries in GWM’s A-segment all-electric sedans to render a range of up to 700km and in full-electric SUVs for a 600km plus range.

The H platform-based 226Ah batteries are set to be installed in premium vehicle models. Using SVOLT’s third-generation high-speed lamination process, the 226Ah battery has an energy capacity of 235wh/h and the longevity of over 3,000 cycles, and can enable a range topping 800km by virtue of the With its matrix PACK design.

The other two cobalt-free batteries born on the E platform are the 90Ah VDA 1.5x (39mm*148mm*102.5mm) and the 115Ah VDA 2x (52mm*148mm*112mm). The capacity of the E platform-based batteries is planned to grow to 160 mAh/g by 2021 and to 170 mAh/g by 2023.

Yang Xinghong noted the two cobalt-free batteries based on the E platform have a lifespan exceeding 4,000 cycles and feature an energy density 20% higher than that of the lithium iron phosphate batteries with same capacity.

While making progress in cobalt-free battery development, SVOLT has kept enhancing its R&D capacity. Of the seven R&D hubs to be deployed worldwide, the facilities located in Baoding, South Korea, Shanghai and India have been put into operation. With 1,300 staff members, the R&D team accounts for nearly 50% of the company's total employees.

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