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Highlights of Automobile Hall in China International Import Expo

Ramy From Gasgoo| November 08 , 2018

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- China International Import Expo (CIIE) could be another event which global main stream automakers would flood into as more and more companies turn to events such as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from traditional auto shows.

As the first import expos held at the national level, CIIE has attracted nearly 70 auto-related companies from 17 countries and regions. The automobile hall covers nearly 30,000 square meters with almost all global main players at present. We summarize several highlights to give you a general picture.

Flying Car from Aeromobil

The flying car from Aeromobil has become a hot spot in the automobile hall for its total difference from other traditional vehicles. Aeromobil, an advanced engineering company from Slovakia, brings a flying car to the expo which combines technologies in automotive and aerospace fields.

CIIE AUTO, China International Import Expo, auto import china

AeroMobil 5.0 VTOL is a concept for the future electric 4-seater flying car and will have vertical take-off and landing capability and incorporates pragmatic development approach and experience. The wings can extend out from both sides of the car, and two rotors will provide upward propulsion.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies from Japanese and South Korean Automakers

Apart from the Civic Type R which made its official debut in China, Honda also brings its fuel cell vehicle model, the Clarity, along with the intelligent fueling station and hydrogen electricity converter. It is said the model can be refueled in three minutes and boasts a maximum range of 750 km.

CIIE AUTO, China International Import Expo, auto import china

At CIIE, Hyundai showcased the NEXO model, hydrogen home, NEXO air-cleaning system and VR experience. The NEXO, the first dedicated fuel cell electric vehicle, is claimed to be the flagship model which integrates Hyundai’s all fuel cell technologies. The NEXO, with range up to 800 km, produces zero emission and can purify 26.9 kg air in an-hour driving.

CIIE AUTO, China International Import Expo, auto import china

Toyota used a real-life scene to introduce its intelligent and connected vehicle, the e-Palette Concept, and various hydrogen social factors, such as hydrogen production in real life, conversion between hydrogen and electricity, hydrogen fuel cell system, the Mirai model and its fuel cell bus, the SORA.

CIIE AUTO, China International Import Expo, auto import china

Three Tesla Models

If you order a Tesla vehicle at CIIE, you can get a special discount, according to the salesman at Tesla booth. The America electric car company presented three models at the expo, the Model 3, the Model X and the Model S. However, you can just see the Model 3 from afar. In early October, it was reported that Tesla has been accelerating the construction of its factory in Shanghai. Several days ago, twitters users revealed that Tesla may deliver the Model 3 from next March.

CIIE AUTO, China International Import Expo, auto import china

Germany Carmakers’ Show

Absolutely, Germany carmakers won’t skip this event. VW Group, including VW brand, Porsche, Audi, and Bentley, has several booths with a total area of 3,000 square meters. The Audi e-tron, the brand’s first battery electric SUV model, made its China debut at CIIE. The model will be imported to China from 2019 and will be produced in China from 2020. Porsche has also exhibited several models with advanced technologies, such as 911 Carrera 4 GTS, 718 Cayman S and Panamera Turbo S E-hybrid Sports Turismo.

CIIE AUTO, China International Import Expo, auto import china

Apart from electric models such as BMW i3 and i8 Roadster, BWM also brought the automatic wireless charging. Currently, BMW sells six electric model series in China and will produce the brand’s first battery electric model, the BMW iX3 in China from 2020. Besides, BMW also shows its BMW 7, which is equipped with L4 autonomous driving technology.

CIIE AUTO, China International Import Expo, auto import china

Mercedes-Benz’s booth focuses on the exhibition of its new energy vehicle technologies to present the automaker’s zero emission efforts. The GLC F-CELL, which has been mass produced in German, is another hydrogen fuel cell vehicle model at the expo. The S-Class and the all-new CLS, with 48V start-alternator system to improve fuel efficiency, also made appearance.

CIIE AUTO, China International Import Expo, auto import china

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