About Gasgoo

Gasgoo Slogan:Automotive Industry Information Service Platform

As a leading automotive industry information service platform worldwide, Gasgoo provides various professional information services for the upstream and downstream of the automotive industry. Our business covers supply chain information services, automotive industry information, automotive industry data and research, and the Practitioner community. Gasgoo is committed to promoting the healthy development of the automotive industry, and providing one-stop services for companies and industry practitioners through our professional understanding of automotive industry and the capability of integrating resources.

Introduction Of Four Business Sectors:

Gasgoo community (supply and demand platform for automotive industry)

With the acceleration of new infrastructure, China's auto industry is facing a critical period of transformation and upgrading. After many years’ commitment in China’s auto industry, Gasgoo has accumulated high-quality data of more than 40,000 suppliers and a wealth of industrial information. Based on the Internet + big data mode, Gasgoo has connected online and offline multi-service scenarios (O2O) and integrate various high-quality resources. By relying on our professional team, Gasgoo is able to provide the matching service of procurement and supply business between the downstream and upstream in supply chain, as well as to establish digital service platform for automotive supply chain, which can fully empower the automotive industry.

· Data bank of over 40,000 suppliers of factory-installed parts
· Nearly 500 monthly purchasing projects;
· Nearly 6 billion of the average monthly procurement amount;
· Over 12 matching meetings of annual offline procurement projects;
· Over 30 TECHSHOW@OEMs a year;
· Over 20 multiple cooperation, self-run forums and exhibitions.

Gasgoo News (Global Vision · China Voice)

Gasgoo is not only a local media for auto industry in China (auto.gasgoo.com), but also an international media platform and a window to gain better understanding of China’s automotive market(autonews.gasgoo.com), which covers the entire automotive industry ecosystem, and continues to follow up and offer in-depth reports on industry trends, leading players and experts, technology trends, supply chain trends, cross-border integration, etc. The reports are mainly focusing on new energy, intelligent collected vehicle, new materials, smart manufacturing, SDV and other segments.

·Channel advantages: our media platforms cover online media (in Chinese and English), mobile WAP website, APPs, WeChat subscription accounts (8 accounts), EDM, other social media and accounts in news platforms.

·Resource advantages: our users include upstream and downstream enterprises such as OEMs and suppliers, as well as professionals in the fields of politics, industry, academy, institute, associations, societies, investment agency and automotive media, etc., and consumer groups who understand cars and love cars as well.

Gasgoo research Institute (Understand auto industry)

As a think tank for the automotive industry, Gasgoo Institute conducts in-depth analysis based on its own data, and offer relevant data products and industry study reports, as well as special research on major topics. Gasgoo is very sophisticated on research base and has relatively huge achievements, especially in automotive supply chain fields.

·Standardized products: passenger car history and forecast database, powertrain history and forecast database, core "electric drive, battery and electric control" database of new energy, insurance data; standardized reports on enterprises, industries, exhibitions, etc.;

·Customized products: biweekly reports (technical insights, forward-looking technical information), consulting projects, investment research and project recommendations.

GaiBang Membership(Gathering Practitioners in the world)

Based on the continuous development of the automotive industry and focusing on the learning needs and personal ascension of Auto Practitioners, Gasgoo has established a learning professional community group, called GaiBang for auto industry, and Gasgoo University to provides effective and valuable information. Meanwhile, Gasgoo also hosts various community activities, establishes sharing communication platform, and aims to become an organization for life-long learning.

5 privileges for Gasgoo GaiBang:

·Latest news, policies and technologies of automotive industry
·Sales report
·Online lessons
·Knowledge Mall
·Community activities