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A New Generation Connected Car OS Just Released Yesterday

From Gasgoo| November 09 , 2018 12:09 BJT

Connected car OS is a new battlefield for the players in the automotive industry including the OEMs and the internet companies. Big sharks, for example Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent are all gearing up to compete with OEMs and try to take the lead in this battle. After Banma's operating system mass produced on Roewe RX5, more OEMs are embracing connected car services and internet-driven technologies. Yesterday a young startup named Mor.AI just released its first Connected Car OS, the MorAuto OS. From what we saw, it evenly matched Banma.

A New Generation Connected Car OS Just Released Yesterday

Provides speech driven HMI with commitment to construct "the Brain of Car" 

MorAuto OS treats speech as the main communication method but not the only one. It provides the hybrid HMI. Different from those famous speech companies such as Nuance and iFLYTEK, MorAuto OS focuses on building “the Brain of Car”.  Claire Gong, co-founder of Mor.AI, mentioned MorAuto OS boasts natural language understanding, knowledge graph, decision making system, and recommendation system. “We focus speech because it’s the most natural way for human beings to communicate. However, most of time, we ignore the objectives of communication. We talk with car, since we have needs. Those needs are not only navigation or POI search. It can be every service we frequently use on our smart phones. “As a startup to compete with giants, Mor.AI aims himself with tons of internet services and restructure them into speech.

A New Generation Connected Car OS Just Released Yesterday 

MorAuto OS uses speech to reconstruct all the applications to build the new generation connected car ecosystem

The concept of “service ecosystem” first came up last year by Mor.AI’s CEO Luke Dai. Similar to smartphone ecosystem, it has tons of applications to meet people’s needs. The new generation connected car OS should also have similar services to enrich people’s journey. But unlike simply downloading all the applications in the car OS, MorAuto OS provides brand new HMI, reconstructing those applications into speech driven interaction, including information search, payment, order status etc.  It means that you can conveniently enjoy all the services that range from parking to online shopping, over 50 highly used services in people’s daily life.

Proactive recommendations connect every moment

The second ambition of MorAuto OS is to be more intelligent. It proactively pushes service recommendations to link every life moment. It created a super account to synchronize all the information across smart home, smart phone and car. For example, when you book cinema tickets at 6 p.m. at home through speaker or TV, this schedule would be sent to your car. Then on board, the car can automatically offer navigation before movie time. It would even recommend the parking lot, and restaurant nearby the cinema. Moreover, it also can help you with the restaurant reservation. All the recommendation is dynamic based on the different events, locations and time.

A New Generation Connected Car OS Just Released Yesterday

You can make the purchase through speech

Booking the hotel, flight, taxi, coffee or a bunch of roses, you only need a few sentences with MorAuto OS. Also, it has given several virtual assistants such as trip planning assistant, dating assistant and babysitter assistant. Let’s use dating assistant as an example, it would help you with flower purchase, restaurant reservation, and pickup service ordering.

Same car, personized services for each person

Accurate personalization is another advantage of the MorAuto OS. Imagine how amazing it would be if you and your wife sit in the car but the OS can play everyone’s favorite music by recognizing each person’s voiceprint. For instance, MorAuto OS picks Faye Wong for your wife. It will switch to your list when you command.

Tough works are the hard core for this convenient function. Mor.AI has been penetrating in machine learning, user portraits and big data analyzation for over 2 years so it now could confidently give users better experience.

It is a great chance to see high-tech startups compete with Chinese internet titans in this new battlefield. And the result was amazing. Luke Dai ascribed the success to Mor.AI’s full stack technology. Full Stack technology covers natural language understanding(NLP), dialogue system, learning system, automatic service connection, ASR, language generation, noise reduction, TTS, voiceprint recognition, command word etc.  It’s definitely a challenging project for a startup. But it was worthy to do!

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