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China to build IoV standard system for vehicle intelligent management

Monika From Gasgoo| April 26 , 2020 11:43 BJT

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- China is set to establish a standard system of vehicle intelligent management based on the technical status quo of Internet of Vehicles (IoV) industry, future development trend and industrial application needs of traffic management.

By the end of 2022, the government should complete the research of basic technologies, and develop more than 20 key standards that cover the Intelligent & Connected Vehicle (ICV)-related registration management, identification and safety, etc., and provide supports for such works of IoV-based ICV road tests and city-level IoV pilot validation, according to the Guideline for Developing National Internet of Vehicles Industry Standard System (Vehicle Intelligent Management) (hereinafter referred to as the Guideline) jointly issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the the Ministry of Public Security and the Standardization Administration Committee earlier this month.

Besides, by 2025, a system that supports the standard system of vehicle control management in IoV environment should be built, and over 60 key standards that involve businesses like traffic operation & management, collaborative control of vehicles and roads, and pertinent services should be developed.

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The Guideline points out that the ICV identification in IoV environment mainly props up the mutual identity recognition among ICVs, road traffic management system and infrastructures. The standard of this kind involves three aspects:

1) Identity and safety of ICVs

It mainly includes the norms about the coding and general technologies of ICV digital identities. An ICV’s real identity should be ensured by credible digital means.

2) Identity and safety of road traffic management infrastructures

It mainly includes the norms about the general technologies of the road traffic management facilities’ digital identities and the motor vehicle certificate readers.

In an IoV environment, dedicated readers should be installed to read and write ICV-related identity information. An ICV should be marked with digital identity when given access to IoV-based road traffic management infrastructures in order to enable mutual recognition among facilities and systems.

3) Identity authentication platform and digital certificate

As for this aspect, these standards are included—the technical requirements of motor vehicle identity authentication system and key distribution management system, and the norms about the service interfaces of motor vehicle identity authentication system.

The identity authentication platform mainly offers identity management services like registration, authentication and deregistration, and features such functions as the management of key distribution and certificates. The platform contains a system that works on managing the issuance of ICV digital certificates and offering relevant application services.

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