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Gasgoo Awards 2022 applicant: Reconfigurable Seating from Magna

From Gasgoo| April 28 , 2022 20:02 BJT

For the Gasgoo Awards 2022, Magna’s reconfigurable seating has applied for the Top 100 Players of China's New Automotive Supply Chain.

Gasgoo Awards 2022 applicant: Reconfigurable Seating from Magna

Photo credit: Magna

Product: Reconfigurable Seating


The Reconfigurable Seating integrates Power Long Rail, Stadium Swivel Seat and IP Nesting technologies, providing solutions for various daily scenarios.

Gasgoo Awards 2022 applicant: Reconfigurable Seating from Magna

Photo credit: Magna

Power Long Rail and Stadium Swivel Seat: The combination of Magna’s power Long Rail technology and Stadium Swivel Seat provides ease of reconfigurability and flexibility for various occupant and cargo situations. The vehicle cabin can be reshaped to offer a more useable and collaborative interior for the autonomous vehicle, ride sharing and car sharing scenarios of the future.

IP Nesting: The passenger seat nests into the instrument panel by combining stadium cushion flip-up and long rails to provide cargo storage space for improved mobility. The use of a stadium cushion and long rails provides additional cargo storage space and an enhanced user experience by offering an adaptable, flexible interior.

Unique advantages

Power Long Rails

Enables conference / cargo mode seat arrangements; Power version with quick and comfort adj; Manual override ability; removable seat attachment

Mountable inside the floor.

Stadium Swivel Seat

Enables conference / campfire seat arrangements; Best-in-class swivel mechanism package and stadium cushion enable compact swivel arc; Low rotational efforts and high rotational stability through use of rolling elements in swivel mechanism.

IP Nesting

One step, single-handed operation to move seat to IP nesting position; Seat back recliner; Fore/aft comfort adjustment; Integrated restraint system (ABTS capable); Option for power IP nesting


Under cargo mode, the vehicle’s first row passenger seat is on long rails and slides up towards the IP (instrument panel) to create additional cargo between the second and first row seats. Or the first and second row seat are both on long rails and nest together towards the front or rear of the vehicle creating an open area for cargo.

Under campfire mode, the first-row passenger seat swivels around to face an occupant in the second row. Or, in a 3-row vehicle, the second row seats swivel around to face occupants in the third row.


From carrying cargo to a long car ride to ride sharing – Magna have reconfigurable solutions that are reshaping the future of the vehicle cabin, no matter the vehicle segment. The cabin can easily reconfigure to different “modes” utilizing three technologies, power long rails, stadium swivel mechanism and IP nesting, all while fitting in various vehicle architectures - Coupes, Sedans, MPVs, SUVs and Commercial Vehicles.

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