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Gasgoo Awards 2022 applicant: ZhongHuan Predictive Cruise Control

From Gasgoo| April 28 , 2022 20:03 BJT

For the Gasgoo Awards 2022, ZhongHuan Predictive Cruise Control from China Satellite Navigation Communication Co., Ltd has applied for the Top 100 Players of China's New Automotive Supply Chain.

Product: ZhongHuan Predictive Cruise Control


Predictive cruise control (PCC) system is an advanced cruise control system that coordinates the control of engine and gearbox according to the road information ahead, and finally controls the speed change. It can effectively alleviate driving fatigue and save fuel.

Gasgoo Awards 2022 applicant: ZhongHuan Predictive Cruise Control

Photo credit: China Satellite Navigation Communication Co., Ltd

The technical feature of predictive cruise control (PCC) system is mainly to locate the vehicle position according to GPS. At the same time, ADAS map will provide the vehicle with real-time map information of the road ahead, including slope. Then PCC connects the accurate positioning of the truck with the map, calculates a "electronic vision" model, and then allows the driving style of the truck to automatically adapt to this model. The system will automatically control the matching of the engine and the gearbox, and dynamically adjust the vehicle speed according to the vehicle speed set by the driver and the road slope information ahead, so as to optimize the engine efficiency and transmission gear control, avoid unnecessary energy loss, in order to save fuel.

Avoid unnecessary energy loss, so as to achieve the effect of oil saving and emission reduction.

Unique advantages

According to the technical characteristics of predictive cruise control (PCC) system, this technology requires GPS positioning module, ADAS map and control algorithm. ZhongHuan is the holding subsidiary of Navinfo, the earliest map supplier in China. It has comprehensive ADAS map resources and belongs to the largest technical barrier for manufacturers at home and abroad. Finally, the key technology of the relevant control algorithm is the comprehensive consideration of various road types, such as the rush slope before going uphill, the sliding when going downhill, etc., in order to make better use of the conversion of kinetic energy and potential energy, and reduce or even avoid the energy loss caused by braking. The relevant control algorithms made by domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers may have different forms, but the final forms are similar. It is mainly due to the different details of various road type combinations, resulting in certain differences in fuel saving effects. At the same time, combined with the truck navigation software, it can provide fuel-saving driving guidance for drivers.


The main operating environment of predictive cruise control (PCC) products is the highway and national highway covered by ADAS map. Now the ADAS map in PCC products has covered more than 99% of the country's highway map information. Under the environment of nice road conditions, small traffic flow or high speed, PCC products can be opened.


The predictive Cruise (PCC) product launched by ZhongHuan is the first product in China to realize fuel-saving function through variable speed cruise, which provides product support for major OEMs to improve market competitiveness. At the same time, the product can provide after loading support for individual users and logistics transportation companies to reduce transportation costs.

The actual test fuel saving rate of predictive cruise control (PCC) products on commercial vehicles is about 4% ~ 8%, which can not only achieve the purpose of energy conservation and emission reduction, but also reduce the cost. According to the average annual mileage of 300,000 kilometers of a commercial vehicle, on the premise of continuous use of predictive cruise, it can save more than 30K yuan of fuel expenses for drivers every year.

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