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Gasgoo Awards 2022 applicant: intelligent vision system solutions from Autocruis

From Gasgoo| April 28 , 2022 20:04 BJT

For the Gasgoo Awards 2022, the intelligent vision system solutions of In-cabin Monitoring System (IMS) from Shenzhen Autocruis Co.Ltd. has applied for the Top 100 Players of China's New Automotive Supply Chain.

Gasgoo Awards 2022 applicant: intelligent vision system solutions from Autocruis

Photo credit: Shenzhen Autocruis Co.Ltd.

Product: Autocruis intelligent vision system solutions of In-cabin Monitoring System (IMS)


The driver monitoring system (IMS) currently includes two major functions of driver fatigue warning bad behavior, as well as the detection of cabin member and legacy items.

Gasgoo Awards 2022 applicant: intelligent vision system solutions from Autocruis

Photo credit: Shenzhen Autocruis Co.Ltd.

IMS system mainly realizes the identification and early warning of driver fatigue and distraction by monitoring the driver's head posture and the state of opening and closing eyes, combined with the in-car human-computer interaction system, so as to ensure driving safety.

The detection of bad behavior can be implemented to detect violations such as smoking, phone calls, yawning and so on.

The system is based on computational vision technology of deep neural networks and has good reliability in practical environment.environments.

Unique advantages

It is the first driver fatigue driving warning system based on deep neural network vision processing technology, and the detection performance meets the requirements of vehicles pre-loaded;

The system works properly in actual driving environments (e.g. wearing glasses/ir-penetrating sunglasses, complex lighting, at night, or with passengers in the rear);

The product adopts independently developed software and hardware systems, and has advanced computing architecture to ensure the high real-time requirements of the early warning function;

Function upgrades are flexible and fast, and new features can be added according to needs, such as face recognition, expression recognition, other bad behavior alarms, etc.


Driver fatigue detection and alerting, intelligent cockpit (face recognition and personalization configuration, interaction),

including fatigue detection, distraction detection, expression recognition, gesture recognition, dangerous action recognition,line-of-sight tracking, front and rear passenger status detection, leftover items detection, etc.


The rising IMS market is opening a new door for the vehicle market. Although IMS has existed in the market for more than 20 years, but non-visual sensors have been used more often, IMS based on camera image acquisition is gradually becoming the standard for ADAS.

The Euro NCAP requires that from 2024 onwards, new cars must be equipped with IMS, at the same time, many countries and regions such as China and the United States are also promoting related processes, which will also drive the further development of the IMS market.

In the past two years, the IMS industry has a strong momentum of development in China, and the growth rate of installation volume reached 300% in 2020. Overall, the IMS industry has a broad market prospect.

About Autocruis

Autocruis is a service provider specializing in  intelligent vehicle electronics, providing visual perception modules and systems inside and outside of vehicles in pre-loaded and reloading for passenger cars and commercial vehicle manufacturers,such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), In-cabin Monitoring System (IMS) , Intelligent Blind Spot Systems (BSD, AVM) .

And they have developed China's first Driver Monitoring System (DMS) based on deep learning technology. Autocruis has serves a number of well-known OEMs and tier1 at home and abroad, our products have been applied to passenger cars, commercial vehicle in pre-loaded and reloading market, rail transit and semiconductor chip field.

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