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Galaxy E8: Geely's all-electric sedan delivers multiple AI-enabled experience

Monika From Gasgoo| February 22 , 2024 13:43 BJT

Hey there, automotive enthusiasts! Welcome back to Gasgoo! Today, I'm thrilled to introduce you to the new marvel on wheels-the Galaxy E8.

In January this year, Galaxy, the new energy vehicle range under Geely Auto, took the wraps off the Galaxy E8, its first battery electric vehicle model, with official delivery kicking off at the same time.

Available in 5 trim levels ranging from 175,800 yuan to 228,800 yuan, this B-segment sedan measures 5010mm long, 1920mm wide, 1465mm tall, with a 2925mm wheelbase.

Inspired by the ripples on the West Lake, the Galaxy E8 pioneers the flowing "Ripples of Light" grille. Its tiger-inspired styling exudes a commanding presence with the "Tiger Glory" front face and a pouncing stance.

Drawing inspiration from the sunrise trajectory, the taillight cluster features 390 LED beads, supporting various light patterns that harmonize with the front grille.

The palette includes 6 body colors inspired by the "Ten Scenes of West Lake."

The sleek silhouette achieves a minimal drag coefficient of only 0.199 through 25 aerodynamic enhancements.

Inside, the suspended audio system, fragrance system, and ambient lighting are harmoniously arranged on the dashboard, reminiscent of the "Three Pools Mirroring the Moon" at the West Lake.

Embarking on a new era of intelligence, the Galaxy E8 boasts the revolutionary "Galaxy Borderless Smart Cockpit." Collaborating with BOE, Geely introduces the world's first 45-inch 8K borderless intelligent screen, paired with the advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip on a 5nm process.

Adding a touch of soul, the Galaxy E8 features the Galaxy NOS Borderless Edition infotainment system and two super-brains: the “Super Smartphone Brain” supported by the Flyme Link smartphone domain technology and the Meizu smartphone, and the “Super Cloud Brain” powered by Geely's Xingrui Intelligent Computing Center.

For an interactive experience, users can explore the "iMax Galaxy Theater" and a fullscreen customized 3A game, "Wild Racing 9," by rotating the crystal knob on the center console. Applications can dynamically expand, flow, and shift on the large screen.

Not just a vehicle, the Galaxy E8 incorporates AI capabilities with the "AI Time Engine," creating an immersive experience where the car adjusts cabin settings based on external conditions, achieving the ideal blend of "car in the scenery, scenery in the painting."

Equipped with an exclusive "Companion Drone," the Galaxy E8 effortlessly captures aerial views, sharing real-time footage on the large screen.

Additionally, as a "Satellite Communications" enabled vehicle (available with a 3,000-yuan add-on), it ensures communication even in areas with no mobile signal.

In terms of intelligent driving hardware, the Galaxy E8 employs a combination of advanced sensors, including a ultra-long-range high-precision LiDAR unit, a 4D millimeter-wave radar, four 3D millimeter-wave radars, 12 high-definition cameras, and 12 ultrasonic radars, along with two intelligent driving chips.

The SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) platform gives the model a 50:50 weight distribution, while the outstanding suspension and steering design allows for a maximum steering angle of 41.28°and a minimum turning radius of 5.62 meters.

To cater to diverse preferences, the Galaxy E8 offers both 400-volt and 800-volt versions. The four-wheel-drive performance model, based on an 800-volt architecture, features a combined power output of up to 475kW and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.49 seconds. Furthermore, it boasts an 800-volt rapid charge capability, providing 180 km of range in a 5-minute charging session.

And there you have it – the Galaxy E8, a vehicle that doesn't just move but dances on the asphalt of innovation. If you've enjoyed this ride, don't forget to hit that like button, and subscribe for more exciting automotive content. 

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