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Daimler Chrysler unveils luxury Mercedes models

From newkerala| April 23 , 2007

Daimler Chrysler unveiled its premium Mercedes-Benz CL and S Class (S 320CDI L) vehicles here Friday afternoon showcasing its luxury cars at higher price range to connoisseurs of automobiles.

Priced between Rs.12 million and Rs.15 million, the CL Class vehicles were termed as "ultimate dream machines meant for discerning owners who like to go on long drives and don't like to disembark from their cars in a hurry," by Wilfried Aulbur, managing director and CEO of Daimler Chrysler India.

Despite the price, by providing diesel-powered vehicles the company has concentrated on fuel efficiency and economic travel to those who choose its comfort, Aulbur said.

"The brand showcase further enables us to share our enthusiasm about growth and direction of the company and to interact with our friends and customers. We are committed to offer our latest products in the least possible time.

"The introduction of the luxury coupe in the CL Class is a very good example of this aspect of our doing business. The luxury coupe points the way into the future with its innovative technology. Its design is a protagonist for a new aesthetic appearance and style," said Aulbur.

"The S 320 sets standards with its agile handling and offers an even more effortless driving experience thanks to a new, more powerful engine. Diesel as a fuel is characterised by optimum power at low rpm and is therefore perfect for city driving conditions. Our cars exemplify these attributes," Aulbur reflected.

Echoing these sentiments, the company's marketing and sales director Sanjiv Sahajwala added that the vehicles are increasingly found attractive by young entrepreneurs, IT professionals and successful businessmen.

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