Wagoner Calls for U.S. to Focus on Alternative Fuel

By From The Detroit News| Jan 18 2007
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DEARBORN -- General Motors Corp. Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner said Washington should not slack off on efforts to develop alternative energy sources now that oil prices have fallen. Wagoner pressed the issue during a speech Tuesday night at the Automotive News World Congress in Dearborn, where fuel economy and energy policy were hot topics. "With the price of oil at its lowest level in 19 months, we run the risk of reverting back to our traditional energy policy," Wagoner said. "That is, relying heavily on the lowest-cost energy available on world markets, including imported oil, without providing adequate support for developing alternative sources." Wagoner has made alternative fuel a focal point for GM in recent months. At the North American International Auto Show, GM is showing off a concept plug-in hybrid called the Chevrolet Volt that can travel 40 miles on battery power.
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