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Biodiesel Industries, DaimlerChrysler, NextEnergy announce new plant

From Construction News| May 24,2007

Biodiesel Industries Inc., NextEnergy and DaimlerChrysler celebrated the ground-breaking for Biodiesel Industries' newest facility in Detroit. The new plant will emphasize biodiesel research, development, and production. The facility will be the sixth such production project completed by Biodiesel Industries.

Biodiesel Industries uses its own patented and proprietary production technology that can produce quality biodiesel from the widest variety of feedstocks. Quality control systems are built into process control automation for the plant, ensuring that the biodiesel produced meets stringent U.S. and global standards.

Research and development will also extend into the development of agricultural resources utilizing brownfield sites managed by DaimlerChrysler. The use of new and innovative biodiesel feedstocks will be part of this research. To support the research programs at NextEnergy, DaimlerChrysler will commit currently unused land at a former SuperFund environmental site for use in producing soybeans, and perhaps other oil-bearing crops, for use in NextEnergy research programs.

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