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BMW bringing 1-Series subcompacts to the US

From Boston News| May 29,2007

BMW's 1-Series, a subcompact sold in Europe for several years now, is coming to the United States in 2008.

Beyond the information that the U S model will be a two-door coupe, company executives will not provide details.

The car was designed for Europe's narrow city streets and astronomical fuel prices and is expected to be a niche player here. Its appeal will be to urban commuters and younger buyers who like the idea of a BMW but can't quite stretch the paycheck to afford the next model up the line, the 3-Series.

In Europe, the current model 1-Series is sold as three- and five-door hatchback models.

Although the 1-Series is not marketed as a hybrid, standard features include regenerative braking that provides electricity for a starter motor that enables the car's gasoline or diesel engine to shut off at red lights and stop signs.


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