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Overview of the Italian Auto Industry

Gujing From| June 07,2007

The volume of passenger cars in Italy rates topped 2 in Europe. According to the official statistics, more than 70% of the population drives to work by means of private cars. The passenger cars amounted to 339,730,000 in 2004, on average 581 cars per thousand capita, almost every family owned a car. The data varied among different areas, the north part of Italy possessed more passenger cars per capita than that of the southern part, Venice has the least number per capita.

                                                      Overview of the Italian Auto Industry

 Output of Italian Auto Industry

The number of newly registered domestic-brand passenger cars in 2006 is 714,669, with an increase of 13.96% more than that of 2005, and the number of newly registered foreign-brand passenger cars achieved 1,606,430. The number of newly registered commercial cars in 2006 amounted to 234,088.

The Italian auto industry's sales volume rose by 3.74 % in 2006, especially with an increased of 13.96% for the domestic car manufacturers According to the ANFIA, the great success of the 2006 market is mainly due to the contribution of the Italian domestic car manufacturer---Fiat Group, which will be continuously introduced.

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