The Car Components and Accessories Industry in Portugal

By From| Jun 26 2007
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Thirty years ago, car components industrial sector was characterised by a large number of companies, in particular small companies. Each manufacturer presented a very diversified product range, i.e. a low specialization level, mainly targeted to the national market.
The sector was also characterised by intensive labour force and by a reduced level of foreign direct investment.
Renault’s investment represented simultaneously the cause and the motive for the growing importance of car components industry in the national trade balance.

 The Car Components and Accessories Industry in Portugal
 The Car Components and Accessories Industry in Portugal The 80’s brought a reduction in the number of companies operating in Portugal, which simultaneously were getting bigger and more specialised. Other significant changes occurred as well: the investment became capital intensive, exports grew, and foreign investment became significant.

Nowadays, car component manufacturing industry counts with around 200 companies, mainly SME, employing around 40 000 workers. During 2001, car components manufacturing accounted for € (million) 1.004 of total national industrial production, of which 422 millions targeted to national market, 530 millions to EU Market and 52 millions to third countries.
 The Car Components and Accessories Industry in Portugal
 The Car Components and Accessories Industry in Portugal

Investment in the automotive component industry continues to attract a large number of investors and is strongly supported both by the government of Portugal and European Union funds under the Community Support Framework for 2000-2006. Forecasts based on export and market trends show demand for automotive components increasing by 5 to 7 percent a year over the next few years.


The main areas of automotive production in Portugal include electronics, die castings, plastic parts, seats, and climate control systems. Companies that have chosen Portugal for important investments in the automotive sector include Delphi Automotive, Faurecia, Lear Corp o ration, Johnson Controls, Sekurit Saint Gobain, Visteon and Valeo.
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