Porsche per-unit profit averages €21,799

By From Die Welt am Sonntage| Jan 23 2007
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A German Sunday paper said this week that study of OEM’s accounts and production figures by the German automotive analysis and forecasting firm B&D Forecast, led by Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer, showed Porsche to be far and away the world’s most profitable car manufacturer according to the latest available data. It averages a €21,799 per-unit profit, a figure nine times higher than the second most profitable firm BMW’s €2,475.

While producing less expensive cars, Toyota is shown to be in third place in the per-unit profit stakes with its figure of €1,684 per vehicle, ahead of Audi (€1,580), DaimlerChrysler (Mercedes Car Group and Chrysler combined made €708 per unit) and Volkswagen (€322).

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