NCAP scores remain obstinately low

By From autoindustry| Feb 02 2007
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Recent Euro NCAP test results have criticised certain manufacturers for still ignoring the organisation's call for stronger safety measures in family cars. An MPV, the Chrysler Voyager, has again been awarded a poor safety score of two stars with the last star struck through, seven years after it originally received a two-star result.

Euro NCAP first tested a collection of MPVs, including the Voyager, back in 1999. Only two out of eight cars received a four-star rating, the maximum available at that time. In its testing, Euro NCAP noted that MPVs' were weaker in frontal impact tests. Consequently, many manufacturers have made great improvements to their vehicles since then, particularly in this area. In August 2006, Euro NCAP awarded the Ford S-MAX 36 points and a five-star rating, making it the best performing MPV to date.

However, despite this progress, some manufacturers are continuing to sell cars that are little changed from those tested in 1999. The results also include some disappointing pedestrian protection scores. Again, the Chrysler Voyager is the worst performer, scoring no points at all and being awarded no stars. The Jeep Grand Cherokee, also made by Chrysler, performed equally poorly in 2005.

The ratings for these cars can be seen in more detail at The complete test results will be available from 31st January 2007.

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