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How to transform USA Market Entry Challenges into Advantages

From| February 13,2007

Entering the USA market will require to overcome quite a few challenges. Mastering these challenges will call for a lot of personal energy and resources. Knowing that, why not simply take those USA Market Entry challenges and turn them into something positive? Every challenge has tremendous potentials for competitive advantages. When starting a business in the USA, you may want to consider turning your challenges into advantages.

Typical USA Market Entry Challenges
When entering the USA market, it may seem that many challenges are on your path to success. The language, culture and local circumstances may be unfamiliar. Still, when launching your USA business, you are in a unique situation with a lot of advantages in comparison to your local competitors. The bigger the challenge, the larger your potential advantage can be.
"Successful people never think about where they may fail". True? Looking into USA Market Entry Challenges should not lead to a negative thinking pattern about possible failures. Every business has challenges it needs to deal with, sometimes there are more, sometimes there are less. The objective of identifying potential USA Market Entry Challenges is to get realistic expectations, know potential hurdles and put the available resources at the right spots.

Turning those challenges around
Your biggest challenges can be the greatest competitive advantages. Not only that the best strategy to overcome any weaknesses is to turn them into an advantage and selling points: The fact that you are from a different culture with a completely different thinking pattern and mindset can give you the greatest possible competitive edge over established market players.

Think briefly about each of your challenge and how they could be turned into advantages. Lets take for example that you may have a lack of knowledge of the local USA market. Briefly focus on the positive aspects of it: You are in an unique position to learn the very basic rules of that market without any prejudices. It should be an easy learning process to identify long-term trends and major developments without your perception being fogged by short-term trends or unimportant events. Typically, established local competitors are so busy dealing with their day-to-day business that they rarely look at the big picture.

Organizational challenges can also be compensated with ease. What if you need to compete against larger companies while being in the startup phase? Think about how deadlocked organizations could be which are on the market for a couple of years? Typically, most companies with some basic success tend to walk the same old paths and stop looking left and right. The disadvantage of having a very small organization with limited resources can be compensated with the ability to adapt literally with the speed of light to changing market conditions. Also, when setting up your organization, you are typically able to start from scratch and meet exactly the demands which are specified by the market.

Lack of knowledge about the local culture and cultural difference can be played as an advantage, too. Depending on the country you are from, you may benefit from your descent. Think about potential positive aspects of the typical American perception of your home country and display it if you feel it is appropriate. Europeans for example have the same roots as many US-citizens, since many Americans claim European inheritance. Germans for example are known for robust product engineering, people from many Asian countries are often considered as highly motivated and so on.

Looking at your USA Market Entry Challenges from the perspective described in this article may require a lot of positive thinking. However, your challenges are there - independent on how they will be looked at. Turning challenges into advantages can give a lot of confidence and can give you a great competitive edge in day to day USA marketing and USA sales situations.

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