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Gree Disclosed the Small Target of New Year; Aiming in Vehicle Air Conditioner with Yinlong

Muping Wang From| February 14,2017

Dong Mingzhu Gree Electric AppliancesGree Electric Appliances,Dong Mingzhu, Vehicle Air-conditioner

Recently on the forum of Gree Electric Appliances leading by the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government of Zhuhai, Miss Dong Mingzhu, chairman & president of Gree Electric, disclosed its small target in the new year, which includes cooperating with Yinlong to enter the automotive air-conditioner market, and officially start the large-scale sales of Gree mobile phone and to open the market with intelligent equipment and molds.

Cooperate with Yinlong to Entering the Vehicle Air-conditioner Market

Gree Electric Appliances planned to purchase Yinlong Energy (Zhuhai) last year, which has drawn wise attention from the market. Although the acquisition was completed, the cooperation between Gree and Yinlong hasn’t ended yet. Miss Dong Mingzhu revealed that, Gree will enter the automotive air-conditioner market officially in 2017 through the cooperation with Yinlong.

According to Miss Dong Mingzhu, Gree has researched vehicle air-conditioner for several years and has developed with good products, while the company hasn’t found the sally port for a long time because of the closure of automotive air-conditioner industry. The pure electric buses of Yinlong Energy have entered over ten cities of China now, it is time for Gree and Yinlong to cooperate again.

Besides, Gree will also join hands with Yinlong in electrical machine, molds, capacitance and electric wires.

To Open the Market with Intelligent Equipment and Molds

Recent years, Gree Electric Appliances has bent itself in the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing and equipment manufacturing. It has formed a great new group with its new businesses like automation equipment, robots, numerical control machine tool and precise die molds.

At present, Gree has create an automatic production line for Yuanlang Food Inc., which was under debugging these two days. It is producing robots and creating automatic production line for clients of auto industry as well.

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