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The exposed Chery technological plan involves powertrain and connected vehicles

Biwen Wang From 盖世汽车| March 20,2017

ChevyChery Arrizo 5 Sport Version,Chery turbo-charged engines

SHANGHAI March 20th, 2017 Gasgoo – Chery is constantly emphasizing the importance of R&D developments, power plant and connected vehicles. Engineers from Chery Shanghai Technology Center introduced its future technological plan in detail before the launch of Arrizo 5 Sport Version, including the popularization of small displacement turbo-charged engines such as 1.0T GDI, 1.2T GDI, along with the application of 1.5T PHEV and 48V HEV system in 2019. Its connected transportation system Cloudrive 3.0 will be used on new models in 2018.

In the 2.0 product period, Chery will centers on the 1.6DVVT, 1.5DVVT, 1.6TCI and 1.5TCI engines, equipping with 5MT, 6MT, CVT19 and 6DCT gearboxes. The powertrain will also focus on the PHEV system comprised of 1.6DVVT+CVT.

In the 3.0 product period, Chery will popularize 1.0TCI, 1.0TGDI, 1.2TGDI and 1.6TGDI engines, matching with 6MT, 7DCT and CVTII gearboxes. Chery will also use 1.5T PHEV system and 48V hybrid technologies as its hybrid system. The new power plant is expected to be used in 2019.

Chery emphasizes the target of “fun to drive” to balance all key items, including performances, fuel economy, displacement and driving experience. Chery will also gradually popularize Cloudrive 3.0 system since the year 2018 to realize the upgrading of control panel and achieve big data mining analysis and strengthening data security. Its 4.0 vehicle system will also install functions such as information entertainment, mobile services and 5G net technologies. In 2020, 4.0 connected transportation system will also be applied to popularize self-driving technologies.

Besides, Chery will equip with a stronger vehicle system on the new models, which will be launched in the latter half of year.

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