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BYD launches blade battery to “put end to spontaneous combustions in EVs”
Monika From Gasgoo| March 30 , 2020

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- On March 29, China's leading NEV manufacturer BYD formally launched the “blade battery”, a new type of new lithium iron phosphate battery (LFP battery) that will largely increase the energy density of battery pack with greater safety.

“The launch of 'blade battery' demonstrates BYD's resolution to thoroughly solve the pain points of NEV safety and our better capability in guiding global battery industry back on track, so as to put an end to spontaneous combustions in EVs,” said Wang Chuanfu, chairman and president of BYD.

BYD blade battery, BYD new LFP battery, China automotive news

At the launching ceremony, the automaker played a video clip about the test results of three types of EV power batteries after nail penetration to prove the greater safety of the newly-launched battery. It showed that during the test, BYD's blade battery generated no fire or smoke with its surface temperature standing at 30℃ to 60℃(the egg on surface was uncooked). The other two showed strong contrasts—the NCM lithium battery produced severe burning with surface temperature exceeding 500℃ (the egg on surface was blasted away), and the cubic lithium iron phosphate battery released no fire, while the smoke was still observed (the egg was charred).

BYD blade battery, BYD new LFP battery, China automotive news

The “blade battery” is named according to its shape, which is more flat and elongated than traditional square batteries. It is virtually longer battery cell arranged together in an array and inserted into the battery pack like a “blade”.

As we know, each electric vehicle is equipped with one pack. Generally, a cluster of cells compose a module and a cluster of modules make up a pack. BYD's “blade battery” skips the process of forming module so that the space utilization rate of battery pack can be increased by over 50%. Thus the battery pack's energy density and the range are improved correspondingly.

Dispensing with module, the internal structure of the battery system becomes simpler, which results in more stable performance and lower failure rate.

BYD blade battery, BYD new LFP battery, China automotive news

Wang Chuanfu revealed that the new battery will be used in the BEV version of the BYD Han full-sized car in the first place, and is temporarily unavailable to other models. The BYD Han EV is a yet-to-be-launched member to BYD's “Dynasty” flagship family, featuring a NEV-rated range of 605km and zipping from zero to 100km/h within only 3.9 seconds (photo source: BYD's WeChat account).

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