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120,000 people wait for Beijing NEV license plates
Annie From Gasgoo| December 11 , 2017

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Shanghai (Gasgoo)– By the last minute of December 8, 2017, the total number of Passenger Vehicle license plate application and extension application is 2,869,423 and 51,036 enterprises and public institutions applied for 85,157 General Car Configuration Quotas. The total number of New Energy Car plate application and extension application is 120,376 and 4,325 enterprises and public institutions applied for 6,540 New Energy Car plates. In accordance with the provisions, the relevant departments will audit the application, and results will be announced on December 25.

In accordance with the provisions, New Energy Car plates will be allocated according to the order of application time directly. Applicants will have to wait in order once the quotas of the year are run out. Expired and unused quota in second phase of 2017 will be allocated directly again in this phase.

Applications for New Energy Car plates waiting for the quota need to be extended within the period of validity, and those not extended will be canceled. The individual who needs to apply again needs to resubmit the application and queue in the order of the re-application time once the application is approved. If enterprises and institutions that should have been received quotas in 2017 re-submits applications before February 8, 2018, and the application is approved, the waiting time will still be calculated based on the 2017 application time.

Public information shows that the number of new energy quota application in the first phase of 2017 was 40,328; additional 24,925 people applied in the second phase, and 14,253 people were waiting in the line; additional 13,501 people applied in the third phase, 27,754 people waiting in the line; newly-added applicants in the fourth phase were 17,049, with a queue of 44,803 people; newly-added applicants in the fifth phase was 33,922 people, with a total of 78,725 people queuing up; newly-added applications in the sixth phase was 41,651 with 120,376 people queuing up, and the number of people that applied for extension exploded by nearly 40,000.

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